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Theodora Van Runkle Collection of Ancient Jewelry

This collection of ancient gold earrings contain a representative cross-section of the goldsmithing artisan styles from most of the Near Eastern cultures ranging from 4,000 B.C. To 1300 A.D., a period of nearly 4,000 years.

For convenience, the collection is divided into several sub-collections according to culture and/or technology. All the earrings are made of very high-karat solid gold. We'd like to thank Henry Anavian for helping to make this collection available. And we'd like to especially thank Theodora Van Runkle for her generous donation of this collection for the Theodora Van Runkle Hall of Ancient Gold.

May of the styles and types of manufacture are very important representations of the growth of the arts and sciences of metallurgy and craftsmanship, and the important types in the Van Runkle Collection are referenced in the keystone work by Maxwell-Hyslop in Western Asiatic Jewelry, hereto referred to in the document by the initials "WAJ".